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Blockchain Testing

Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly relevant across all domains because of its properties of decentralization, immutability and transparency.A blockchain is basically like a distributed ledger which stores the database of assets and transactions done across a peer to peer network.

You can think of a blockchain as an open infrastructure that can store various types of assets. This digital ledger possesses unique attributes that make it special. For instance, it is decentralized, and that means each transaction that is added onto the chain has to be replicated so that each node has the same copy.

Bug Hunters Blockchain Testing Types

To guarantee trust, testers must ensure that all the components of a blockchain are working perfectly and that all applications are interacting with it in a trusted manner. Some of the core tests that should be run include functional, performance, API, node testing, and other specialized tests. So here is what they entail in a nutshell:

What we usually test in Blockchain?

In blockchain development, which often follows Agile practices, the shift left approach to testing is gaining popularity. Carrying out a series of tests as early in the development lifecycle as possible allows minimizing the number of defects that could be found in the app’s lifecycle later on when the impact on a business can be detrimental.

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