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Compatibility Testing | Bug Hunters
We at bug Hunters deliver different types of Compatibility Testing,including Hardware, Software, Mobile App to name a few. Compatibility testing is an important segment within Quality Assurance that focuses on the active testing of devices and browsers to determine whether or not the application is capable of performing on multiple mobile devices,operating systems, browsers at different connection speeds.

Bug Hunters is ranked as a leading compatibility testing company that is popular for its successful product customization and roadmap designing towards compatibility improvement. With over 10+ years of expertise and industry know-how,we have structured our global market presence and building union with Fortune 500 companies as well as budding enterprises in need for compatibility testing services.

Compatibility Testing Services at Bug Hunters

Hardware & Network

This to ensure if solution works as expected with different hardware and network configurations. Also, evaluate the system operating in various connection types – Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G etc.

Application Compatibility

In this we check whether the application is compatible with different browser versions and types, e.g – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE, etc.

Browser Compatibility

This is to ensure whether the product is compatible with different browser versions.

Software Compatibility

We ensure that the developed software is found to be compatible with other software.

Compatibility Testing Service Features

We at Bug Hunters guarantees that your application will have perfect compatibility over different browser versions, environment and hardware.Our team of experts check complete system and identify the weak points,usability Issues, risks associated. Our main objective is to ensure that all the users have same positive experience

Tools we use

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