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Infrastructure Testing | Bug Hunters
Every software requires an infrastructure to perform its actions. Infrastructure testing is the testing process that covers hardware, software, and networks. It involves testing of any code that reads configuration values from different things in the IT framework and compares them to intended results.

It reduces the risks of failure. This testing incorporates testing exercises, procedures to guarantee that IT applications and the fundamental infrastructure are tuned to deliver on execution, adaptability, unwavering quality, accessibility, performance, and scalability. The aim is to test infrastructure between test environments, test tools, and office environments

Bug Hunters Infrastructure Testing Approach

Server/Client Infrastructure

  • Collect the requirements from stakeholders.
  • Designing test plan as per the understanding of the required infrastructure.
  • Test cases are then designed covering Operating systems supports, up-gradation scenarios to name a few and covering functional testing as well.
  • After approval of the test cases, QA Team executes each scenario and corresponding test cases.

Data Migration

  • Testing application before and after the migration.
  • Testing the servers before and after the data migration to ensure that no charge are observed.
  • Testing the application with different versions of databases.

Infrastructure Testing in Cloud

  • Testing the load on an application with different configurations.
  • Test if an application is a browser compatible in a cloud environment.
  • Test installation of the application on the cloud.

Network-level Testing

  • Test the network layer for future updates of the application.
  • Design test cases and prepare test data.
  • Test for the isolated network.
  • Test impact on the performance of the application on various networks such as VPN, Wi-Fi, LAN etc.


  • Test for additional libraries, build packages.
  • Test for disk space required.
  • Install the application on different Operating Systems.
  • Test for the installer packages required for installing the application.

Test Environment Infrastructure

  • Set up a test environment for regular releases of the project.
  • Create a test environment for hotfix releases.
  • Create solutions to manage server and client environment issues.
  • Finalize test tools for Test Plan, test design, and execution.
  • Decide tools for debugging and reporting the bugs.

Solution Features

Bug Hunters testing services and QA capabilities used the leading-edge solutions and agile techniques to deliver flawless features with high accuracy, reducing the rework, enabling test cycles at the low cost and below are some of the unique QA and testing abilities we use:

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