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Internet of Things Testing

Critical bugs are often overlooked during the rapid engineering of new devices. With the invention and revolution of internet technology, the technology is moving ahead to connect not just our mobiles and laptops, but also the day-to-day gadget like TV, the washing machine, etc. with the internet. With the help of such technology, the gadgets are connected to the internet wirelessly and help us tracking the functionality and performance of the application. In simple terms, we add the internet to the old things. The Internet of things is rapidly becoming something reliable to run, report, and improve performance from the timing of your run, to the mileage of your car. But, it still comes up with the challenges and thus, it needs to be tested for the efficient performance.

You must have heard of a common phrase that is “Health is Wealth”. Means to become wealthy enough, you first need to be healthy. Internet of things can help you to track your health like you can count the number of calories you have taken in a day, or the duration of your morning jog, and the pulse rate while jogging. Our team tests health apps, softwares and websites.

Safety of a child is the first priority for every parent, and thus, the internet of thing can help to do that. Smart watches are coming with the GPS system so that you can know where your child is going and for what time. You can also feed an emergency number to the watch, in case, if the child is in trouble, a message can be sent to that number by just pressing a button of panic call or emergency call. Our team tests parenting websites, apps and softwares in exclusive way.

Wearable Testing

Wearable Technology is on the hit list for the upcoming years with the launch of Apple’s Watch, Google Glass, and Samsung smart watch. This seems to have no slowdown in the technology. Therefore, wearable testing puts an extra dimension for the process as it incorporates a range of environmental conditions which cannot be simulated on an emulator, or in a lab. And as a result, a wearable system needs to go through a complex testing process before its release in the market with the bounded hardware capabilities.

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